Proud Papa

Brian Mills is in Orlando right now speaking to the Youth Pastors there… Check out his blog to see what he has been speaking on…

A few of my favorite songs out right now…
Desert Song (Hillsong)
Heartless (Kanye)
You’ll Come (Hillsong)
Come Close (Trip Lee)
Single Ladies (Beyonce’)
Hey Stephen (Taylor Swift)
Stand in the Rain Symphonic Mix (Superchick)
My only one (Worth Dying For)


Fun Times…

I just found out that I am quoted in the current issue of “Outreach Magazine” Go and purchase this issue, it is amazing (The Magazine not the quote).

In JHIGH tomorrow night we are doing an all worship night with multiple creative elements in-between. I am super excited about it. This falls in the middle of our series we are doing on “The Story of God.”
Also as a little surprise at the end we have a Real live Trained Chicken…

Stay tuned for pics and podcast.


This morning I am not sure what I have done… I go into Starbucks to get 2 drinks and a banana loaf thinking maybe about spending $8.00 and I walk out spending allot more. Here is what happened. Step by step…

SB: “Good morning what are you having?”

MH: “Pumpkin spice latte, and uhhhhhh is peppermint mocha twist good?”

SB: “ohhh yes, you will love it.”

MH: “I’ll take it!!”

SB: “Would you like a pastry?”

MH: “Yes Banana loaf”

SB: “Have you heard about our Gold Program?”

MH: “yeaaa but I am not sure about it”

SB: “Well it gets you like 10% off of everything you buy…bla bla bla”

MH: “I’ll Take it!!!!”

So that is what happened… After writing this out, I feel like I’m to easy… Welp ohh well. I am now a GOLD member….