Prom after Prom.

Last night was hilarious! Thank you to all who were able to attend and help and just have fun! God is so good. He was so glorified last night, just by us having fun, eating, dancing, laughing, playing and so on. God is a cool God. You all came all dressed up and stuff it was so fun.
Jessica’s mom is doing good, she called me this morning and asked me to come and pick her up. I was all uhhhhhh no I am sorry but I just can’t. If you are into praying and your not like one of those “yea I’ll pray” and you like forget then please pray for her dad. He is really having a hard time, also Jessica and I are facing a decision on if she is going to live in with her mom all Summer so that she can take care of her. So that would be hard to be separated from my wife all summer long. But God would make it all good with His love and Peace… Speaking of Peace… Peace.


Monday… Monday

The latest on Jessica’s mom is that she is still being very funny and still does not know really what is going on. She went back up to UAMS to get one of her casts off of her arm and to everyone’s horrible surprise they had set the bone wrong. So it must stay in a cast for 6 more weeks. Sad day there, they also found out that the guy that had hit her has a record of 5 DWI’s on his record and at the accident scene they did not do a blood test on him. So that is not a good situation there either. Jessica had a sad mothers day with her mom and all but she is being strong and is working hard this week to finish her exams strong and have one more semester left to graduate. I am amazed by her…



This past weekend I went up and saw Shirley! She was so funny, forreal she was being awesome and funny. She still is not all the way understanding what is going on, but she sure knew who we were. She is now in Physical Therapy and she is trying to learn to sit up on her own. This is a hard process to do when you have had all those broken bones. On Tuesday she will begin doing solid food testing, they will slowly start her out on solid food and see how she does. When we were walking through the Re-hab place we saw the guy that hit Shirley. This was an interesting experience and it just really got to me. Because there he was with 2 broken legs and a broken jaw and then here is Shirley who is not really sure what is going on, she knows just a little, broken arms, knee, teeth, hips, and stuff. It really made me think about how Jesus was on the cross and He knew and saw all the sin and all the sadness that was going on and He knew the people that had put Him on the cross. But He still died for them (us) and he did not go over and saw “do you see what you did, I mean look at me. You did this!” No he said this “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” That statement is ringing in my ear as Jess and I are dealing with the other guy. It is in Gods hands and we must love him as God does.

Shirley Talks!

Yes that is right! She is now talking audibly, the other day Jessica recieved a call from her dad and he said hold on and her mom got on the phone “I love you” she said and Jessica was so happy. She also was able to stand up with some help from the doctors, use the restroom, she knew her colors. She is not very happy though (no kidding) she keeps telling her husband that him and Jessica are bugging her and they need to leave. It is kind of funny. We are just so happy that these sorts of things are going on God is so good and he continues to amaze, He is so amazing and through more expectant prayer God will heal her completely.
This past week with the Passion play was ………… no words in all honesty can describe the amazingness that God did. God is moving here at Third Street in major ways. It is so refreshing and if others can not see it then I would do a little check up with the master.

The Week…

This has been an incredible and a fast week! It has been fun because our church is putting on the Passion Play and we have been hard at it since Sunday night. We will finish up this Sunday night. We have a performance every night from Thursday-Sunday from 7PM-9PM and it is so powerfully. “What makes it powerfull?” that would be God He is the man. On Tuesday Shirley was moved to a Physical Therapy and Rehab institute in Litte Rock. This past Wednesday night Jessica’s dad called and was sad and said that her mom did not remember anyone like she did not know she had a daughter (Jessica) or husband. She still can not talk so they are just reading lips. Well last night we got a call and God showed off yesterday, Shirley stood on her own, recognized colors, and recognized who her grandsons, husband, mother in law, Jessica and all the others were. It was amazing and so joyful for all of us. She also was able to go to the bathroom. God is doing some AWESOME things. Thanks for your prayers and please continue with them..

Physical Therapy!

Morning, well last night at U-Turn it was so clear that God was moving. We had so much fun (well I thought we did). Dave Hassell (band from camp and Fall Retreat and this years camp) showed up and they were so cool to drive all the way here just to hang out. We talked about spiritual hapituation. What that is in a nut shell (Almond) is for example when you get something new and in the start of it, it is all cool and stuff then the coolness sort of wears off then you just forget it and next thing you know you are selling it for 1$ in a yard sell. The same thing can happen with your spiritual life. You are first so pumped and like living it right or you are like man I need to pick it up and so you do. You just are doing so amazing, then next thing you know you wake up and are like uhhhhhhhhh what has happened where has my passion gone? What in the world? You just get used to God and you don’t ackowledge Him anymore and you just get into that rut. We talked about how to get out of that rut because many people think they are getting it, but it is obvious by the lack of fruit in their lives. Also how much they are talking about God, you must talk about the things you love and worship and God should be the most talked about.
So last night was fun.
The update on Shirley is also cool, we found out they have moved her into a physical Therapy section of UAMS (Hospital). So they will apparently start physical Therapy 3 times a day. They told us to bring pictures, tapes of us talking, singing and all sorts of stuff to trigger her memory. So we are! That is the latest so please continue to pray…

Huge talk

Well Jessica was talking to her dad yesterday and her dad was on the phone with her in Shirley’s room (which you are not supposed to do). But, her mom apparently heard him talking to her and reached for the phone! WHAT! Yes she reached for the phone so Jessica started talking to her and Shirley started to mouth all sorts of things and this made Jessica so happy. Also today they are putting in a new trach tube and it is going to help her out by allowing her dad to place his finger on her throat and she can talk through her mouth but very raspy. This is going to be huge! We are so thankfull.

Last Night’s call…

Last night (Monday night) Jessica’s dad called and was very sad. He said that a case worker came to him and said that Shirley may never respond to people again. This made him mad and sad as it did us. She asked him what he is going to do if she doesn’t, and he said she is going to respond and she has been. At this moment there really is response to him and to Jessica, but she is not showing the doctors any sign of response at all, so he went in there and got very serious with her and told her to respond to the doctors. This has saddened Jessica so much, just the possibility that her mom may never be able to talk or respond. But the thing is that we have this God that is huge and that can do anything. We know that He can and He will heal her. At this time we are asking please for people to pray and lift up Shirley Bryant and her family. We are continuing to be positive and will be for ever. We don’t ever give up and we go hard or go home in all that we do, especially prayer, we will continue to pray and not just talk to God, but talk to Him expectantly.
In Him….


Jessica’s mom last night was taken off of the ventilator and has been moved out of ICU to a step down ICU. That is great news, she also has been laughing but with no noise due to the Tracheotomy.