I just read this today in “IT” By Craig Groeschel.. Nothing new just good stuff.

“The only thing constant is change.”



This morning I am not sure what I have done… I go into Starbucks to get 2 drinks and a banana loaf thinking maybe about spending $8.00 and I walk out spending allot more. Here is what happened. Step by step…

SB: “Good morning what are you having?”

MH: “Pumpkin spice latte, and uhhhhhh is peppermint mocha twist good?”

SB: “ohhh yes, you will love it.”

MH: “I’ll take it!!”

SB: “Would you like a pastry?”

MH: “Yes Banana loaf”

SB: “Have you heard about our Gold Program?”

MH: “yeaaa but I am not sure about it”

SB: “Well it gets you like 10% off of everything you buy…bla bla bla”

MH: “I’ll Take it!!!!”

So that is what happened… After writing this out, I feel like I’m to easy… Welp ohh well. I am now a GOLD member….


Random, but still have Bloggers Cramp. A cause of the cramp could be because I have a concussion from playing Flag Football. I got a Cat Scan yesterday, still waiting for results, I had a weird reaction to the dye that they put in me, but again I am all good. It is the weirdest thing in the world, because it makes me feel like I have the flu. But just looking for a cause of the cramp. Peace…

Story of God.

Tonight, I am speaking about the story of God. It is fun to think about that we are in a huge story and God has allowed us to be apart of it.. As I was studying this and reading in Genesis when God made the beginning I find it funny that he made everything else then man. He didn’t make Adam then all, He didn’t ask Adam his opinion, He didn’t take Adam to lunch and say what do you think we should do? No, He made man last, we are in His story and sometimes we allow our little story take over and we forget about God, and the never ending story of God!…
I think it is important that we realize we are in the Story of God and that we have an opportunity to be apart of a story that never says THE END……