Programing Simplicity

Programing Simplicity

I have found myself to be working to hard to “One Up” creative elements in worship at times.  I have felt the need to be super creative and to continue to push the limits on what can we do different each and every time we meet.  By doing this, it has caused me at times to actually be less creative and to do nothing at all.

During our Summer camp (Beach Retreat) we had a moment where we were looking for a creative element during one of our songs.  We couldn’t think of much until we said lets just read scripture.  This “Creative Element” was the most powerful thing all week long that we did.  It was the most simple and basic element and amazingly strong.  I learned a lot from that, the Word of God is the best and most creative thing there is, and we need to use it way more than we do…

Here is that element…






Party – Just Because

Party – Just Because

This past Sunday two of our staff members  Ryan Herzog and Meredith Landry had an idea to throw a party for one of our students Helen.  Read her Instagram post below to see what Helen is going through in her own words.. screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-2-12-32-pm-2

So they wanted to throw her a party just because, just because we love her, just because we want her to know we are here, just because we want her to know her friends are here, just because.

Please join us as we continue to pray for her amazing dad!

Please enjoy this video of what took place…




Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss
Brett and Sydney Hystad

I have been so excited to share this blog with you (whoever “you” are).  This is from one of my best friends who is the worship leader for our Student ministry as well as two of our main Sunday services.

Sydney and Brett Hystad are one of the most amazing couples I have ever been around (Yes I did their pre-marriage counseling so that is probably why… Ok prob not, but forreal) they are consistently shining Christ! When you are around them, their message is Christ!  They have recently endured a massive loss, in their son Carson Brooks Hystad.

The blog that Brett wrote is very powerful about dealing with this loss.  This writing will change you, challenge you and push you.  When I read this all I could think of was something that I heard years ago “Your message is loudest when you hurt the most”

Please join me in praying for this sweet couple, as they continue to deal with this.

Please click here to be redirected to Brett and Sydney’s Page.

Be Still

Be Still


Psalm 46.10 – Be Still and Know that I AM GOD.

When was the last time you just sat in complete silence, with nothing to do or look at? When was the last time you went 1 hour without looking at your phone?

Being still is almost unheard of in our culture today. Being still is not looked at as something that you would do to be successful.

Being still is something we must build into our lives, we must take time to STOP. God took an entire day off, He called it the sabbath.  Some how we have been taught that we don’t need to sabbath.

With the world continuing to add noise to our lives in so many different ways, I challenge you to find some time to Be Still. When you do this it will help to block our the clutter and make room for the Creator.