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Response to Falling Short

Have you ever been passionately heading in one direction, only to look up and be sorely off course, in a completely different place than you had originally planned? Often times, we set out to do something and we’re 100% in, we’re super excited and confident that we’re going to make it happen.  This could be

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Who are you… When no one is looking, when no one is around when no one can see you….. Except God (Never forget He is ALWAYS there) Who are you, are you the same as when you are with your wife, your kids, your friends, your job, your God? We are to be the same

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Mothers Day…

Mothers day is an incredible day for so many people…  I personally am very excited about today because of the mom that I get to see in action every single day!  The truth is, is that there are many who will never be married, never have kids, and will always struggle on this day. I

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Planned Parenthood Article 

Article by Dr. Wallace Henley (A great friend and leader In my life) written in Christianity Today  Deborah Nucatola, the Planned Parenthood doctor caught on video chatting about the harvesting and sale of infant body parts over a bulbous glass of wine, brings to mind Adolf Eichmann’s manner as he was on trial in Jerusalem

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Response to the Supreme Court

People have been asking me for what my response is to the Supreme Court Ruling.  So my response is the same as my pastor Dr. Ed Young’s response which I have posted below. A Biblical Response from Dr. Ed Young The Supreme Court has acted lawlessly this past week and superseded its powers granted by the

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John Piper: Celebrating Homosexual Sin Isn’t New but Institutionalization of It Is

Theologian John Piper responded to the Supreme Court decision that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, saying it approves and institutionalizes the sin of homosexual intercourse. “Jesus died so that heterosexual and homosexual sinners might be saved,” Piper, chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, wrote on his desiringGod blog, adding that this salvation from sinful sexual acts

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