Simple Invitation

Simple Invitation

I am very excited to share what God has been doing in our student ministry at Second Baptist Houston West Campus this year.

We have really focused this year on creating an environment that teenagers get excited to invite their friends to.  Both on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights at LIVE.

LIVE is our “Open Door” to our student ministry that happens on Wednesday nights.  We have created a space that students can invite their friends to, and can experience God in an amazing way.  We do this through worship; with Biblical teaching and a variety of music led with a full band.

The goal of the entire night is that God is glorified through all that we do, from the lighting cues during the walk in, to the final song they hear as they walk out.  We have worked hard to be excellent in every detail of the night.  We believe that the more prayed for and prepared we are for each night the more opportunities we have to see God move.

Each and every space that we have people come into we do an invitation for people to accept Christ for the first time.  Then we meet with each student as well as follow up with them and encourage them to take their first step in obedience to the Lord through baptism.

So far this year from October 1st we have seen 222 teenagers baptized on Wednesday nights & Sunday morning.  We also have an amazing summer camp called Beach Retreat that we saw 244 students baptized.


This year total evangelism Student ministry at Second Baptist Houston – West Campus since October 1st.

Junior High – 123 BR  – 137 outside Beach Retreat Camp
High School – 121 BR  – 85 outside Beach Retreat Camp

222 – Total Outside of Beach Retreat                                                                                                  244 – At Beach Retreat Summer Camp                                                                                           466 – Total Baptisms 

This is has been an amazing year so far, and it is all through the students inviting their friends to church and God changing their life.  Then those who accepted Christ and started to invite their friends and the ripple effect continuing on.

This video shows it perfectly, these are students from our ministry who have personally seen God work in their lives, through a simple invitation.





He uses any and everything He wants…

Today in Bible Study we tried something new.  Last week we shot a video teaching at Rhodes Stadium (Huge Stadium in Katy, Tx)  We have never really had video teaching in Bible Study before.  We had it set up way in advance and go out to shoot the video and the battery dies as I am nearing the end of the talk. So we had to get another angle with an iPhone 4s. There is an obvious quality difference, but the message was clear.  I just was truly not confident in the video keeping the attention or even making sense at all. I even told our team in our run through that I could at any second just cancel the video and do the teaching live. 

We end up showing the video lesson and have a great morning, and as I am getting ready to leave a student comes up to me and says,”hey your lesson really spoke to me and I accepted Christ and want to get baptised NOW!” (BTW, we said NOTHING about Baptism at all, all morning) He said that the video really spoke to him and helped him to make up his mind to follow through and accept Christ and follow-up with Baptism NOW!

I start thinking uhhhh did you see the same video I saw? Then just stood there in amazement and was reminded again that God can use anything for His Glory!  Thank you Jesus!!

2 Hands…

Check this out

Click on the above link to see the picture… They are about trying to win front row seats and they are in the finals with this pic. This is from one of my Volunteers Lesha and her daughter Rebecca who is a 7th grader in our ministry.

Lesha says: “This is a picture of my daughter Rebecca, being baptized at Beach retreat last summer by our Pastor, Dr. Ed Young. There were two sets of hands to make her life ANEW!! There were over 100 lives changed last summer. I was honored to be a part of that. I was not only a leader to 9 seventh grade girls, but the week also changed my life. The Pastors were not the only hands used, but all the leaders were used daily to minister each day to 7th and 8th grade students. What an AWESOME experience. I look forward to it again this summer.”

Here is another link