THE Bathroom SCALE


This small, square, metallic, scale is laying on our bathroom floor just waiting to ruin our day. This tiny bathroom appliance is rude and honestly I’m not a fan of. Which is a common view for most people when it comes to THE scale. Although most are not a fan of THE scale since it does tell the truth. The truth can hurt, especially after a large meal.

So what do we do, obviously we blame the scale, “there is no way that this is right!” Then we move the scale onto a different surface so hopefully it projects a different number.

Then we continue to blame the scale and we know it is JUST WRONG! 

So the scale in our bathroom has upset me in a different way, this scale has continued to hurt me and has been doing it for a few months. 

Early each morning I wake up to use the restroom (yes, every day.). In the dark I would walk to the restroom and this small disgusting appliance would just lay there, quietly. Then BOOM I’d smash my toe. This loud noise would wake up my wife, make me make some awkward quiet painful noise, then I’d get so frustrated with it. It would make me so angry!

This sad part is that I never moved it.

I’d think to myself that I’ll move it tomorrow or take care of it when I wake up.

This whole situation is real for so many. We know what is hurting us, and many times we are not willing to do the work to ease the pain. Why? The thought of it is extremely hard.

All I needed to do was bend over 4 inches, pick it up, and put it away. That would have solved the issue months ago.

When we are not willing to do the work to make it stop we get hurt, if we put if off for to long it could be too late. When our pain gets to that level and we continue push it down, it all will begin to seep out in a different way. This can be the start of depression (de-pressing our pain).

I’d encourage all of us to go right now and “move the scale.”

Go now and make that call you been putting off.

Go now and make that appointment with the therapist. 

Go now visit a psychiatrist. 

Go now and change your eating habits.

Go now get back to church.

Go now and ask your family for forgiveness. 

Go now and go on a walk.

Go now and do something just for you.

Go now and take a vacation so you can rest.

Go now and move the scale.

When we start to do the work that it takes to stop injuring ourselves we will be so encouraged to realize that doing things for yourself really does make sense.

When I got to a point that I needed to give in listen to my family and my body and get help. I actually went and I did the work, the work was extremely hard. I realized after time that doing the work, it started to break the chains of pain and was freeing in such an unbelievable way.

I continue to work hard on my my mental, spiritual and physical health. It is an ongoing process.

By doing this I am less controlled by my mind and the pain of my past. I have become more in control of my life. Please know that once you “pick up the scale” you’ll notice a freedom unlike anything else, so go now and pick it up.

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