Don’t Be Silent

When we allow the inaudible judgements of others to fill our thoughts, we can forget to be who God called us to be. Which can cause us to become silent, stagnant and still. He has given us each an individual voice, and our voice sounds different than others, and can be used in mighty ways. Our voice may “sound” like writing, instrumentation, speaking, poetry, serving, podcast, singing, social media, pictures, art, etc.

Silence can happen because we “feel” like people are going to think differently of us, judge us, and whatever silencing thoughts we place in our heads. Once we allow these thoughts to fill our mind, the enemy is then pleased. He loved it that we:

  • decide we’re not gonna write anymore
  • not going to poetry or
  • not going to draw or
  • not gonna do art
  • not going to sing
  • not going to take pictures
  • not going to post on social media
  • not going to finish that book
  • not going to serve in the community

The enemy would love that… He would love for us to be silent, the truth is we need to be loud and use our voice. We need to be able to speak up and not allow what other people may think or what they’re going to say to silence us and stop using our gifts. If others are asking you to be silent or treating you unkind, these are not your people.

There is not a higher calling for us than to be who God called us to be.

Be you, Be available, Be

– Michael

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