39th Year Review

Starting my 39th year in August of 2018, I had no idea that this would be the hardest year of my life. That this year I would learn about life, mental health, rest, family, and others in a whole new way. That I would have to fight hard for my life, and allow God to empty me so He could work in and through me.

So much change, so much growth, so many lessons. New friends, new opportunities, new experiences. Lots of powerful shifts, lots of laughter, lots of tears and a whole new whole life.

Here is a recap of some of the highlights of year 39 –

August – First Astros game with wife

August – First Time we went to Sea world

August – Ayler started Jiu Jitsu – Which is interesting as I look back, I put him in it right before he turned 5. As I have been doing my work, I have learned that sometimes as adults we go into a parenting protection mode. Where we don’t want our kids to go through what we went through, so we will subconsciously do things or place them in things that we feel is best to help them, advance them or protect them. So this was is a subconscious protection mode, that came up in me. What I have learned as the year continued is these intrusive memories that have been coming up, all started when I was around 5 – He is no longer in Jui Jitsu – Why? Because he didn’t want to do it, I wanted him to…

September- Peyton Britt Wedding

September- Taylor swift concert with Erika

October – Catalyst Conference – This is where God used Miles Adcox and his message to plant a seed in my heart. No idea that because of this message I would go to a place that would ultimately save my life.

October – Israel Trip with PassionGame Changer and a time that God prepared us for whats to come.

November – Fall Riot – Such an amazing night of seeing God move through the Student Ministry Team and the teenagers who came.

November 22 – 2018 – Thanksgiving Day – The start of many memories that I had pushed down from my past started to bubble up creating the start of the anxiety attacks – after a 3 Mile run

December – State Football PlayoffsSomething I have done for the past 7 years – Love watching these games with some of my favorite people- This year though was very different and hard as the crowds grew larger and larger, it was having an impact on me that I didn’t know what was happening.

January 7-13 – Onsite Workshop

January – Start seeing new therapist who specializes in childhood trauma.Houston Center for Christian Counseling

January 18 – Lucy goes to get trained for Public Access / PTSD Triggers / Panic attacks

February – Go to Milestones at Onsite for 45 Days working on Childhood Trauma

April 2 – Come home from Onsite

May – First Ever Camping Trip with family

May – Career change from student ministry for the past 18 years to get to launch a new ministry for College and Young Singles.

July – Grief to Grace Retreat

July – Move from House we built and lived in for the past 5 years

August – Passion City – Atl Trip

Was honored to be asked to come to Atlanta to pray and be poured into as some leaders gathered from across the nation for Passion 2020

August – Launch a new ministry

August 27, 2019 – New Day New Healthier Me

Maybe the journey isn’t about Becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you. So you can be who you were made to be in the first place.

Year 39 BY THE NUMBERS (Random):

  • 17 Books read
  • 23 Blog posts written
  • 78 Instagram posts
  • 43 Sessions 7 Hours of morning meditation (Headspace)
  • 295.71 Miles Ran
  • 2 Podcast episodes recorded
  • Endless – Didn’t Give up

Intentions for this year:

  • Grow deeper in my relationship with Christ
  • Grow stronger in my marriage
  • Grow more focused as a dad
  • Read 25 books
  • Continue the Daily morning pages
  • Meditate daily
  • Monthly digital detox
  • Bridge gap of mental health and church
  • Podcast regularly
  • Finish my book

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