Saying Goodbye

Being uncomfortable seems to be a common theme that God has our family in at this time. We are continuing to learn that so much of our growth is happening in these times of development. One of the harder decisions that we have had to make is to try to sell our first home that we built together. Sell our home that we have prayed over as it was being built, having written scripture on the foundation, and wrote prayers on the studs in the walls. The home that we have raised three kids in, and our two youngest only know this as their home.

We had tried to sell our home two other times in the last five years without any success. So with the thought of us trying to sell our home for the third time, we both knew this would be hard. We also knew that it was something we had to do due to some very sad moments and memories in this house this past year for me. Knowing that I had to leave those there and continue to move on in my life. So we put the house on the market and this time it was completely different after praying like crazy and trusting God, we sold it in four days!

As we prayed through this hard decision we both knew God was asking us to sell and not sure what was next after that. As we were looking for our next home to purchase after we sell, we couldn’t land on a home that we just loved. Then one day in the process my wife and I both realized that we were not to purchase another house. We both realized that God was setting us up to help get us out of debt with what we make on the selling of our home. In doing so we knew that we needed to rent a home and stay in the same elementary school zone for our kids.

Many would say that the selling of our home to get out of debt is silly, we also know that when God asks people to do anything, it may not make since to anyone else which is irrelevant to what He asks us to do. We know now that we are on our way to being debt free, on our way to financial freedom and on our way to whatever God asks us to do next.

Our First Home

It is very bittersweet to leave our house, and when we cleared out the last of our furniture on Saturday. It was sad because of the many memories we shared with this house for so many years. But it was also hopeful because we knew we had done a lot of work on it while we lived there, and that a new family was about to move in and give it an entirely new life.

They say you never forget your first and I never will. I also have no regrets leaving, because the house we made our home will now serve a whole new generation of families for centuries to come. Like any good home can.

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6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Blessed to be a Blessing! Your next will be greater! GODS got yawl! Keep trusting…keep surrendering…and watch GOD elevate! Great writing.

  2. Cannot wait to see what God is going to do in your lives. There is something to be said about purging things that weigh us down, even if it something we cherish. Hang on for the ride you two! Because you have entrusted Him with your future He will bless you abundantly. 😘

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