Speaking up for Depression

Depression is very real, and has been very real to me. The clips below are an excerpt from a message from Vous Church. It’s with Kayla Stoeckleim who lost her husband to death by suicide. He was a lead pastor at a church and did all he could to work through it. She is continuing to do her work and to get the message out about mental health. She’s even done her work at a very dear place in my heart Onsite!

Here are a few clips from the message she shared.

Please remember for some it’s harder to fight mental health battles than others. It’s not always a faith issue or a “you just need to be stronger” “you just need to go outside” issue. Sometimes there is an imbalance in neurochemicals that effect mood and behavior. Many times genetics play a role. So we need to remember that compassion is always the answer and much harder than criticism.

Full message here

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