EMDR & My Trauma Recovery

Disclaimer – I’m not a therapist or a doctor, I’ve simply been doing my work and have been on a journey of healing.

Many have asked me about EMDR. So I want to give a place to send people to learn more about it. EMDR has been one of the most affective therapy modalities that I’ve done.

(EMDR) stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress.

It has been proven to be the most effective treatment for trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Unlike most forms of “talk therapy”, which is almost impossible for those with trauma to engage in. Talking about it brings up very strong emotions that come up from the original trauma. There is much less talking with EMDR. The focus is less on the traumatic event itself and more on the disturbing emotions and symptoms that result from the event or events.

The goal of EMDR is to fully process past experiences and sort out the emotions attached to those experiences. Negative thoughts and feelings that are no longer useful are replaced with positive thoughts and feelings that encourage healthier behavior and social interactions.

Ultimately, learning to handle stressful situations myself.

With the PTSD, I have had frightening nightmares/night terrors and very unpleasant hyper-arousal that can cause insomnia and unrest. Being in a constant form of hyper-arousal especially at night causes your brain to not heal correctly, thus placing traumatic events in wrong places of brain.

With EMDR you are starting to heal the neurotransmitters which are supposed to be healing during a restful nights sleep. You are actually healing them during the therapy itself. EMDR is creating the same bilateral eye movement that is happening at level 4 REM sleep (The restorative level). When people with PTSD can’t sleep due to hyper–arousal, this is where EMDR is huge in processing trauma.

Because it happens without talking about traumatic the events. Talk therapy has been scientifically proven to make working through trauma much harder, which I agree with. I firmly believe in EMDR as one of the best modalities of therapy for Trauma. It takes very hard work and commitment to want to be better, and once your committed and find a therapist that specializes in EMDR you will reap the benefits of a new healthier you.

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  1. EMDR has done wonders in my life and in my healing from childhood trauma! Thank you for your transparency and boldness in sharing your story.

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