Kids – Always Watching

My 7 year old daughter brought this to me and said thank you for showing me how to change how I’m feeling, placed on desk and walked out.

I was so confused at first, thinking oh no what have I done. Then realized what what I had done, and what she had drawn. To many this may look like just two circles, to me it looks like someone is watching.

I’ve started to do tons of writing and drawing which has been very cathartic & productive for me. Sometimes while I’m writing the kids will ask what I’m doing and even go get their own stuff and join me.

What I learned when Emy showed me this, was that she’s watching her dad take care of himself. For the first time ever watching as I’m slowing down, prioritizing and working on me. Watching as I’m being real & open for the first time ever, which is also giving them an opportunity to see truth & a healing process at in action.

People are always watching – what are we showing them, and how are we showing them to live?

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