Do-ing vs Be-ing

Society continues to praise those who “do”. It seems to be more about what you accomplish than who you are as a person. I’ve come to learn that if we don’t have this in balance, it can create burnout in life and lead to many other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

We need to remember that we are born human “be”ings living in our true self from birth. We know what we enjoy and have a sense of curiosity that no one can stifle. Then we start to slowly lose who we are around the age of 5. We start to learn how others will respond to how we behave and what we “do”. Thus starting to form what we “do”.

We no longer walk around saying how cute we are as little children, because someone told us not to say that anymore and that we need to “grow up”. Telling us to “grow up” and act our age forces children to stop all the day dreaming, drawing, painting, coloring, pretending, writing in a diaries, crafts, riding bikes (for fun) or anything we used to really enjoy (True self).

When these things are out of the way we fill it with “do-ing” whatever to be accepted and loved. Which can lead to performance based living (do-ing). Starting to place their desires on what they want us to do vs who we are and want to be.

“Doing” is almost always future focused even when the future is only a few hours away. “Being” is right now. We exist in this very moment of time and no other

When we are in a constant spiral of doing we can lose track of the big picture for our lives. With a constant burden of performing day to day tasks, it can feel and look like we are rats on a constant wheel of doing.

The state of being enables us to stop for a minute and think of our direction. It also helps us to reflect on our actions, and guide us to our goals. When we don’t stop and consider our direction it can create empty actions that only keep us busy, drained and can leave us feeling burnt out and empty.

We should not all give up do-ing in favor of be-ing; rather, we should let our be-ing inform our do-ing. When we start to get better at this we can start to see our true value in the eyes of God. Seeing that who we are is far more important in the eyes of God than what we accomplish.

Truth is we all want to achieve things in our lives, and if we are not careful we can sacrifice who we are (Be-ing) for what we want to achieve (Do-ing).

Jesus says: “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8.36

What does “be-ing” have that “do-ing” doesn’t? Mindful awareness. This enables us during the chaos and clamor to look inward.

We are born human beings and can slowly turn into human “doings”. Take time to get back to who you truly are and watch how the “doer” in you starts to “BE” a more complete and whole person.

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