Take a Breath

This picture is from my run today, what is great about this picture is that during the run I stopped.

– I stopped and made a mental memory before I made a digital one.

– I stopped and wasn’t worried about my time, pace or beating my time from yesterday.

– I stopped and took a breath, so I could continue the run and have the energy to finish strong.

– I stopped and was present in the moment, when many times in the past I’ve not been present, always thinking of the next thing “To Do”

Stopping and taking a breath in life will allow us to be present, stop doing, make memories for ourselves, and be able to finish stronger than we started.

Psalm 46.10 – Be Still….

2 thoughts on “Take a Breath

  1. Such a simple concept, but so easy to skip over, totally miss out on what’s REALLY IMPORTANT. Thanks for the reminder.

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