Fashion Fake Out

Payless set up a fake luxury store in Los Angeles, Palessi, and got VIP shoppers to pay as much as $645 for $20 shoes. The reactions upon learning the true brand behind their designer buys – are “Priceless.”

This experiment is evident that some people will pay anything to be in, or look like they know what the latest fashion trends are just to be noticed. Walk in freedom today of being you, not trying to be in or look like what is in. That is more attractive then anything you can ever “try” to be.

Doug Cameron, the chief creative officer for DCX Growth Accelerator, the company behind the experiment, told news stations that he hoped it would encourage consumers to look past the brand names on an item.

“We concluded that brand name is a pretty strong force that’s able to get people to pay 18 times the price they’d normally pay,” he explained.

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