I Don’t care!

I don’t care!

People say this all the time, the problem is, you do care.

Caring is something that you can’t help but feel, maybe you truly are hard hearted & “Don’t Care” but you care about others knowing you, “don’t care.”

Normally at this point in a blog or a sermon the writer/speaker would say, “Since the Holidays are upon us we need to go and show others that we care.”  The problem is that the “Holidays” are only 2 months long (if that).  So caring can last longer than 2 months, we can make it last a lifetime.

Caring is free and it doesn’t hurt anyone.  Caring really could set someone free.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are or are not.  You can care

Care by looking around and seeing those who need care.

Care by letting someone go in front of you while driving.

Care by not honking.

Care by saying something nice to a stranger.

Care by not saying anything on social

Care by calling someone who you know needs to hear from you. (Not text call).

Care by not caring as much about something that is causing you to be angry and not care.

Care by taking time to listen and not talk. 

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