Spilt Skittles

As I was driving I heard what sounded like rocks spilling all over my back floorboard, with every turn of the wheel.

When I got out and looked, I saw red & yellow skittles, yes just red & yellow. [These are not only red & yellow because I’m a deva and only eat that color} (trust me – I eat EVERY color of the skittles rainbow.)

These red & yellow sticky round demons are all over my floorboard are there because my son had a bag of skittles and picked out the red skittles for him, and the yellow ones for me. He placed them in a ziplock for us to eat in the car, and he left them in the car and so they spilt everywhere.

So when I saw these skittles in the floorboard – I was thankful. I can’t say this is my typical response to messes left behind by kids. In this moment though I was surprisingly thankful, because Ayler had worked hard to make he and I a special fun red & yellow segregated snack.

Many times in moments like this I’ve been frustrated instead of embracing the moment and seeing it as a great thing.

I need to make sure I don’t miss moments with anyone – especially my family. I don’t want to become so ignorant and upset over small things that don’t even matter.

There will be soon be a day that I will long for one of my kids to leave spilt skittles all over my car. So I’m working hard to embrace these days the best I can – because time is running out.

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