Israel Day 4

Dead Sea Experience

Today we had plans to travel to Masada but we couldn’t due to the flooding & loss of life that had happened there last night with a tour bus.

So, we traveled through the wilderness which is where Jesus spent his 40 days after His baptism (Matthew 4.1-2)

We traveled down to the Qumran and the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth & floated on that very Sea. This Sea has 10x more salt content than any other body of water in the world.

The best thing about this Dead Sea area is NOT that you can float on water or its crazy high salt content. The best thing about this area is that this is the area where the Dead Sea Scrolls where found.

The most amazing thing is that this is the lowest place on earth with a very high salt content / and this is the place that we find the oldest copy of the Old Testament. Salt preserves and this is the place that preserves these scrolls! We have copies of Isaiah that are 1000 years apart. and they match! “That preservation of the Word was for an invitation to transformation.”

I am not in Israel for myself, I am here for all of those who need Him. I’m here to see, touch and experience the preserved country and learn more about Jesus in a way to be able to invite others into a transforming relationship with Him.

Ps: We also rode a camel aka “Israeli Uber”

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