Thief of Comparison

Steve Jobs: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

The fear of looking just like everyone else and doing what so many others are doing has always bothered me.  I know that God has made each of us unique and has made us perfectly to be us. As I look at so many great leaders I see a similar attribute, I see that these leaders are living out their life as God has made them and called them.

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They are living the best life that they can with what God has given them and not worried about anyone else.  They have stayed in their lane and have stayed focused no matter what it takes. Comparison is an element that can pull us out of our lane.

Comparison is a thief of joy and will suffocate you if you hang in it to much.  The comparison game is a tough game to play, and can happen to us on a daily basis.  It is to easy to look around the world and to see so many others living their life via social media.  Comparison becomes so real and you can feel like you are not a good enough mom, not a funny enough person, not in good enough shape, not a good dad, not a good preacher, don’t post quality content on social, and so on. That thief just keeps telling you, you are not good enough.

Ephesians 2.10 – We are Gods masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good works which He prepared for us to do in advance. 

You are a masterpiece, you are not just ‘a’ masterpiece – you are ‘Gods’ masterpiece.  The best thing that He has ever made! When we can actually live that out and know that, we will stop trying to “Run others Race.” We need to run our own race and stay in our own path.

When leading out in times like we are in now, you will face criticism.  Some of those that criticize you may say they are just kidding.  They may be kidding, but no matter what their motives are we can not allow the voices of others to stop us from following the voice of God.  The only voice that matters is the voice of God, do not allow the other voices (social media, comments, texts, calls, etc) to slow you down from where God has you going, you run your race.

The idea of leading out has always pushed me to be who I am.  I have constantly struggled with the thought of “Just do what they do and do it better.”  I know that sounds good and looks right, but again with that you can have comparison creep in.  I would like to just do what you do and do it the best!

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God made you for a reason. God designed you. It was His idea, and God doesn’t make mistakes. You were planned before you were born.  God purposefully and personally designed you. You are unique and God wanted you to be uniquely you, and that is the you God wants to offer to the world.

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