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At times in life we can feel like we really aren’t good enough. I know that in ministry we can fall into that trap as well. We hear a great sermon and want to go and do that sermon (that is not a good way to show what God is doing in your life) or we want to go and be that person somehow. I have fallen into that trap before and it is horrible to be there. It is hard to continue to be someone else when God made me the best me.

Ministry is about you being you! God made you to do ministry the way He made you. In ministry, the trap comes as we try to look, talk, act, dress, speak, sound, study, read, listen, yell, live, move, sing, design, like the people who are “doing it.”

Who said you’re not getting it done In your area that you are serving now? You may be reading this and in the back of your mind you are thinking, “well only if I had this or that”.
Why are you “not getting it done”? Maybe because you are looking in the backyard of another church or ministry and you are jealous because they have cooler lights, larger staff, amazing worship leaders, great communicators, cool carpet (ok no one is saying they have cool carpet).
Let’s look that up in the Bible…WAIT, IT’S NOT! No where does it say, the “cooler” buildings, lights, screens, stage designs, sermon titles, get people to come to your church or events.
It does say it is about relationships, that is it! People knowing that you truly care about them, and want to see them grow in their walk with God.
BE you. BE who God made YOU. Don’t be someone else. You will be more successful if you are you! The people that you try to be like, are not like anyone else. They’re not scared to just be them, so do ministry the way God designed you to be, not how He designed everyone else.

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  1. Michael, your ministry is alive exciting, and dynamic. It is gratifying to see talent, ability, and gifting all directed to a calling in the way yours is in your current evolving role. Having the courage to bloom where you are planted is never easy. Younger believers seem to be bombarded constantly by opportunities from every direction. It takes courage to persevere in a role, especially when our ambitions exceed our faith to rely on God’s directions. Your vision and leadership are giving our youth a clear model to emulate, and your availability to individuals helps add stability to so very many lives during the times when that is what they need most. This brief note of affirmation is provided as you are just about to embark on another busy summer season. The prayers of support, appreciation and admiration of many individuals who otherwise seem to be uninvolved in the Student Ministry will be daily with you to help strengthen and sustain you through each challenge you will encounter. Proceed with confidence to be the beacon you are intended to be.

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