Dude are those Jandals?

I am not sure what kind of friend you are, but after the 2 people that read my blog get done reading this I hope you are a better friend to your friends than before.

Something that I work very hard at is never having regrets and saying “I wish I would have.”  There are some people that may take what you have heard me say to one of my friends as rude or un called for.  I would tell you, your sensitive and it will be ok, and go have a Frap. We have certain people in our lives that I truly believe God has placed there to be an alarm system for us.  You know that if you are out of line, on your way toward a major sin or do something totally uncalled for (Or wear Jandals and your a dude, weird and wrong) that person will sound the alarm and call you out.

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Sweet Brace

Many would say that these people need to just mind their own business, when actually we need to be thanking God for them.  I have had many people sound the alarm in my life when they saw me headed in a certain direction.  If they hadn’t said something to me, then who knows what would have happened or where I would be now.  Even when my friend Terry Kurtz called me out for wearing a wrist brace to a meeting one time.  He said, “You have a Rollerblading accident or what?” and he sends the picture on the left to me once a month for the past 3 years. (I’ve never wore a brace again, even when I broke my hand.)

Seriously though thank you to those friends who took the time to speak into my life when they saw something that could have been harmful to me or someone else. Thank you for not holding back, thank you for not worrying about what I would think about you, thank you for not letting me ignore the alarm, thank you for loving me…

Proverbs 27:6 “Wounds from a friend can be trusted”

When you see your friends headed in a direction that you see is going to be harmful or damaging, SOUND THE ALARM! Say something, if not you might just be sitting there saying.  I wish I would have… Then you can rest in the fact that you said something and they know that they can come to you for prayer and for help at anytime.

On the flip side, don’t push the snooze button when you hear the alarm from a friend.  Listen to them, take what they are saying seriously, and do something about it. They may actually have a great point!

Just like some friends of mine, I wont say names (My staff) guys, men, dudes PLEASE stop wearing Jandals -it is harmful..

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  1. Great post! Whatever guy is wearing Jandals I have a serious request “PLEASE STOP” I don’t always like when friends call me out but when it’s God honoring is still comes back to be a good thing. Thanks Michael!

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