Erikas Pregnancy Blog

I am so proud of my amazing wife Erika. We are pregnant with our second child and super excited! As most of you know we absolutely love Crossfit, and Erika is the real Crossfit’er in our family. She is seriously a crazy good athlete. So this news of being pregnant was both exciting and at the same time a hard thing to deal with for her.  She had just hit some major Personal Records and was doing great in many Crossfit workouts, so now what? Well she decided to learn about doing Crossfit while pregnant and at the same time teach people about it.  So she has created a blog to help other women who have a desire to workout while pregnant.  Please share this link with others who are pregnant and wanting to continue to work out. Check out her blog here..

We have already noticed a huge difference in this pregnancy and the last one. I remember when she was pregnant with Emersyn she would get winded walking from the car to the house, now she is killing WODs and is feeling amazingly better.

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