Look Out!

Through out the years of life and ministry I have learned that it is important to be healthy! Not just in what we eat/workout, but in all that we do with our life.  

I feel like these are some things that we have got to be on the watch for constantly in our lives.  At times we can get stuck into thinking “well I am not in ministry” I don’t have to live that way.  Or I am in ministry and I am just constantly doing it so I will be alright.  Jesus has called us to be Holy, to be set apart.

Here are a few warning signs…

– You are not in worship, you have no way of being challenged and fed in your walk with the Lord.

– You have spent more time on Social Media/Phone/Computer (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc) then on your face and in the word before God. Or when home you spend all your time on these things then you do with your own family.

– You are spending more time with people of the opposite sex then you do your own wife or husband. Sharing things with them that you should be sharing with your spouse.

– You worry about saving other families when in reality you are losing yours.

– You don’t see light at the end of the tunnel, you are just so stressed and anxious and never know which way is up.

– You have stopped working out, when it used to be a vital part of your life.

– You have no idea where your Bible is, and when you do read your Bible it is only for sermon prep or to teach a upcoming Bible Study.

If any of these happen to rise up on your radar I strongly encourage you to get some help and lets all be on the “Look Out” for these and many other signs!

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