Till The Soil

“Till The Soil”

A quote from Keith Carmichael (Campus Pastor of Second Baptist West Campus), as he was meeting with our entire West Youth Staff.

As he said that it hit me, that is exactly what we work hard to do in youth ministry, but never carry it out.  I feel like I am constantly saying, “Hey, we got to mix it up.”  Which is good, but I like tilling the soil so much more.  If we never change-up what we are doing then how will we ever prepare the students for what we want to plant.  We will just continue to do what worked back in the day and get into a huge rut.  We desire to “feed them Jesus” I belive that He is the best thing we need to give them. We make it extremely difficult to do that when we stay in that rut and make the ground hard.  We must constantly be preparing the soil and if we don’t do that with our programming, calendar, etc then the ground will just get hard and be almost impossible to plant anything in. 

Students are constantly changing and doing new things, especially when it comes to technology.  As soon as one new product comes out, it changes and something else comes out.  Same thing with Facebook, it is constantly making changes, that cause people to complain at first but realize it is so much better that way. If the world around us is tilling, then why aren’t more churches doing that as well?

So, why do we keep doing the same thing over and over in student ministry, it could be as easy as just doing your service in a different order.  We must constantly be thinking of ways to till the ground.  I have found that when we do this it causes students to desire to come back the next week because they never know what they are going to get. I will give you a few examples below of what we have done in our ministry, but I think you need to come up with a few on your own as well.  As you are planning out your services ask the question – “What do we need to do to TILL THE SOIL?”


Move your music set, Move your announcements, Change your walk-in set up, During teaching time have worship songs that break up your teaching many times throughout the talk, Student testimonies, whole new set up on stage, do chairs in different way, don’t have chairs, Do a talk show type set up.

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