He uses any and everything He wants…

Today in Bible Study we tried something new.  Last week we shot a video teaching at Rhodes Stadium (Huge Stadium in Katy, Tx)  We have never really had video teaching in Bible Study before.  We had it set up way in advance and go out to shoot the video and the battery dies as I am nearing the end of the talk. So we had to get another angle with an iPhone 4s. There is an obvious quality difference, but the message was clear.  I just was truly not confident in the video keeping the attention or even making sense at all. I even told our team in our run through that I could at any second just cancel the video and do the teaching live. 

We end up showing the video lesson and have a great morning, and as I am getting ready to leave a student comes up to me and says,”hey your lesson really spoke to me and I accepted Christ and want to get baptised NOW!” (BTW, we said NOTHING about Baptism at all, all morning) He said that the video really spoke to him and helped him to make up his mind to follow through and accept Christ and follow-up with Baptism NOW!

I start thinking uhhhh did you see the same video I saw? Then just stood there in amazement and was reminded again that God can use anything for His Glory!  Thank you Jesus!!

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