I took Emersyn on our first Daddy Daughter date last night.  We (Well I did) decided to go to the musical “Oklahoma” that was being put on by Cinco Ranch Highschool and had some of my students performing in the musical.

I was seriously very excited! We had great seats, we were in the first section,last row right in the middle! Amazing seats, then the lights go dark and it starts.  She is just chillin, with a few quiet noises and no one is looking at us at all.  I then start to realize that I am the only one in that huge auditorium with a baby.  I am now “That Guy.” I start to get nervous. Then Emersyn’s small quiet noises start to get a little louder than Louder than BOOOM LOUD, and now everyone is looking at us, and NOT looking like awww what a cute baby! I feel as that Emersyn is saying either I HATE OKLAHOMA, I HATE MUSICALS or I NEED TO GO TO BED!!! I will go with the last one, so what do I do?

I stand up in front of everyone and take the crying 6 Month old up the middle aisle in front of the whole audience! As I get outside I feel like I have just had a major workout, with as much sweat that is pouring down my face, and we go to the car and take it to the house… Needless to say I learned some lessons.

2 Lessons Learned:

1. Good seats aren’t good if you have a 6 month old and are sitting in the middle of the front section.

2. Never ever ever take a 6 month old to a musical EVER!

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