Setting my pace…

Since the arrival of Emersyn I have seriously slowed down my pace.  Not sure if it was on purpose or because I am tired (and I AM TIRED).  As I evaluate these past 30 years of my life I see someone who just went hard and fast in everything I did.  At times doing life in so many crazy ways it ended up being unhealthy for me and my body would shut down.  Then in a matter of one week an amazing beautiful little girl was sent into my life which has caused my pace to take a healthy significant shift down. 

When I am running I have learned that I have to pace myself, it so funny because when I start running I want to always go hard and to “beat my last time.”  Recently, as I have been training for the Houston marathon I HAVE to learn to pace myself.  Each Saturday morning I go on a long run, and I know the correct pace I need to keep to be able to finish strong.  If I push hard as soon as I start I will have nothing left at the end of my run and could possibly injure myself.  So I stay in tune with the pace I am running and I have experienced great benefit from pacing…

I am trying hard to do that with life.  I want to be able to give Emersyn all that I have.  I don’t want to go hard in life and totally miss moments with my family then 18 years from now I am trying to make up lost time.  I am trying to set my pace now.  I want to be able to give her my all at all times, as well as take care of things in life (wife, job, house, friends, students, etc…)  I am setting my pace with the ultimate pace setter, God.  I must start my day with Him, He sets the pace for my day and I work hard to keep that pace all day.  

I have enjoyed being able to be home with my girls these first few days so that I am able to slow down and get my pace set with Him…  I am excited to see how this slower healthier pace will impact my family, job, friends for years to come.

Psalm 46.10 – Be still and know that I am God…


One thought on “Setting my pace…

  1. He is our pacesetter so that we can enjoy and be joyful in the moments along the way! Thanks for the great analogy of running as I can relate! Be so blessed with your new beautiful girl! I’ve got a little girl and boy and reading your blog brings back such sweet memories. Have a most blessed day, Michael! Kristin Fournier


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