Houston Marathon

I have decided that I am going to run the Houston Marathon… Yes 26.2 Miles of running in downtown Houston.

I am going by a strict running schedule that I have throughly enjoyed, it is put on by Focus and Fly. Every Saturday is my long run, as I am out running I constantly think what am I doing? So I will write down why I am doing this and why I like to do Endurance Events.

– Want to live longer
– Want to be a healthy dad/husband for my family
– Need an outlet
– Loose Weight (I’ve lost 8 Pounds as of 3 weeks ago)
– I can free my mind
– Time to hang out with Jesus alone
– I feel more creative as I run
– Listen to podcasts (Preaching, Leadership, etc)
– Feel great AFTERWORDS
– It pushes me to be competitive against myself

These are some of the reasons for my desire for endurance events. This year I am doing the Houston Marathon in Jan, then a Half Ironman in April.

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