Hiccups in the belly…

Last night we were talking and Erika said that Emersyn just keeps kicking the same exact time on beat almost like a heart beat. Then Erika yells, I know what it is!!! I freaked out, was like what the heck? She said Emersyn has hiccups!  I was like oh no, is that bad, what do we do? Then just laid there and felt her hiccup. I absolutely loved it and fell in love with Emersyn, I wanted to make sure she was ok.. But could do nothing about it.  I can not wait for her to come, when people ask me about it yes I am excited!  I am pumped!  When she comes I am not sure of my reaction, I know it will be pure joy!  I saw this video and just thought about how happy this little girl was to see her dad and can’t even compare it to the joy I will have when little Emersyn gets here!


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