Lets Text not talk..

In ministry we need to stay up to date with where our people are.  In Student ministry, students obviously want to text more than talk, when you see stats that say 71% of 500 social-networking Americans aged 13 to 21 want to text and not talk.(Poll by Mashable.com).  In some surveys, the overall number is even higher. For instance, according to MSN Money, each American teen sends an average of 3,339 texts per month. (Mashable)

What are you doing in ministry to make sure that you are reaching students that don’t want to talk, or don’t want to be in a face to face discussion with you?  I am constantly challenged to make sure that our team is learning and staying current with where our student culture is. It is a challenge to not do the “old school” way of ministry because “it worked before” we must continue to keep the message the same but change the methods.

All information was gathered from Mashable.com

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