Pastors And Time

The Christian Post by Thom Rainer… * Pastors of effective churches sleep slightly over six hours per day. Pastors of comparison churches sleep almost eight hours per day. * Pastors of effective churches spend twenty-two hours in sermon preparation each week versus four hours for pastors of comparison churches. * The effective church leaders spent ten hours each week in pastoral care compared to thirty-three hours for the comparison group pastors. Pastoral care included counseling, hospital visits, weddings, and funerals. * Effective church leaders average five hours per week in sharing the gospel with others. Most of the comparison church pastors entered “0” for their weekly time in personal evangelism. * Comparison church leaders spend eight hours a week – more than an hour each day – performing custodial duties at the church. The typical custodial duties included opening and closing the facilities, turning on and off the lights, and general cleaning of the building. * Leaders of effective churches average 22 hours a week in family activities. The comparison church leaders weren’t too far behind with 18 hours of family time each week. Hmmm… great questions follow: How many hours to YOU sleep? (It seems less is better) How many hours do YOU prep for your message (22 is norm for ‘effective’ church pastors How many hours do YOU spend in pastoral care? (Less is better… are you closer to 10 or 33?) How many hours a week do YOU spend sharing the gospel? (Is it closer to 5 or 0) How many hours a week do YOU spend with your family? Are these fair questions to ask? Do they have anything to do with whether or not your church is effective? What do YOU think? *Monday Morning Insight

2 thoughts on “Pastors And Time

  1. These are definitely fair questions. The answers reflect priorities of a leader which in turn reflect priorities of the followers. Although they seem directed at Senior Pastors, they relate to all staff leaders. The most convicting is how many hours a week do I spend in sharing the gospel.

  2. Wow! Talk about a wakeup call – I want to go into full time preaching/ministry and these stats are exactly what I would expect – little sleep, a lot of study, lot of pouring out. I am ready for this! BRING IT ON!

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