Its Not about your Sermon Title or Church logo!

From Carlos Whittaker Blog

It’s not about your church logo.
It’s not about your internet campus.
It’s not your catchy church name.
It’s not about your church conference.
It’s not about your LED’s.
It’s not about your iPad sermon notes.
It’s not about your upcoming book release.
It’s not about your frequent flyer miles.
It’s not about your conference speaker name tags.
It’s not about your new DSLR and the pimp video you are about to drop that aperture down to 2.2 on.
It’s not about your primo meeting space.
It’s not about the attractiveness of who is on stage.
It’s not about that cover song you are about to attempt.
It’s not about the worship project you are going to put out.
It’s not about that new projector that could feed a third world country.
It’s not about impressing one single person with anything about you, a building, a service, or that amazing sermon series title.

It is about JESUS.
The name of JESUS.
All those things above are not necessary.
They are all optional.
Jesus is not.
The second we forget that is the second we become a really cool self help conference that meets on Sunday mornings

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