He IS Risen- Live it out!

Now at Easter services we always say “He is risen, then the crowd repeats – “He is risen Indeed!”

In the early Church, when one Christian would greet another, often he would say: “He is risen.”
And the other would respond, “He is risen, indeed!”

My Prayer this Easter isn’t that we go around saying “He is Risen” and wait for an awkward response from our friends, my prayer is that we live out our walk with God in a new and fresh way. That we are not as ashamed as we might have been this past year in our walks with Him. That we will be passionate about, the passion that Christ has for us. 

Passion – “The Degree of Difficulty we are willing to endure to accomplish the task.”

  I pray that we will be forever changed and want to see more people come to Christ because of the empty tomb, the empty Cross and the RISEN Savior! That we will have courage to talk to people about Him and what He has done in you and to see the risen Savior come into their empty lives and bring them eternal life!

I pray that this Easter that I will be “Passionate” about seeing more people come to Christ, though hard at times. That I will endure the difficulty to accomplish the task…

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