Last night was the “RE-launch” of Underground. Undergound is for college students and young singles. The series is titled “This is it…” meaning instead of just stopping all the “bad stuff” you do, you actually say in this New Year “This is it…” We spend to much time trying to stop things in the new year and try to change who we are with our weight, drinking or anything. I am going to start a relationship with Him or start off this year by not worrying about being morally correct and just be in love with Him.

I really believe that we try to hard to stop doing the stuff, and we get worn down because we can’t stop. It is in 1 John 1.1-9 that if we just go to God and say forgive me, that He will truly forgive you. When He forgives you, you are that forgiven. Have you really started clean with Him? When you do everything else will fall into place, you won’t have to worry about stopping the “stuff.” It will be natural because you are in love with the Father which in turn causes you to be in love with HIM…

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