Why Passion?

Passion 2010
Passion isn’t just another conference for me, Passion has been a huge part of my life since 1998. I was called to the ministry at Passion 1998. READ THAT AGAIN, @Passion 1998 12 years ago God spoke into my heart and said you are doing ministry for me… I was sitting with 2,000 other students and I was going a different direction until this dude I never heard of named Louie Giglio, spoke and my heart was put onto another path. It was put onto a path that God has been using ever since. A path of ministry to students. Passion is for highschool seniors and College students and I have taken 100’s of high school seniors and college students to Passion conferences over the years and have seen God use it to change their lives. I was so blessed this week to be walking around and have so many former students from Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Virginia and others come up and be so excited and hug me. I was so proud of them all, some even brought their own groups with them. Because of a vision that Louie had in 1997 to do a little conference in Austin, Tx. I have seen the ripple effect of it for the last 12 years of my life. Words truly can’t explain what that is like. I feel honored and amazed that God has used me to bring students closer to Him through Passion conferences.

The theme and verse has never changed.

Isaiah 26:8…”Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth, we wait eagerly for You; for Your Name and renown are the desire of our souls.”

His name and His “renown” (Fame) is still the desire of my soul…

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  1. oh, remember, "the san jacinto center" i can still hear you guys saying it in that crazy voice. 12 years? are we really this old? i'm so, i don't know the word, proud of you? you have come a long way (in what i can tell just reading your blog every now and then) in 12 years, crap 14 years since i've known you. our God is so amazing that he would love us so much to constantly change us and cause us to grow. that requires hurtful growing pains at time, but other times it's full of joy and peace. we totally need to catch up sometime…on the real. i love you brother.

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