Passion 2010!!

Tonight was amazing! I know that you expect me to say that, I mean it is Passion and the best of the best singer/songwriters/speakers are here.
God spoke through Louie Giglio tonight.
The Theme is still and always will be Isaiah 26.8

But tonight, was on Awaken!

Louie Talked about Lazarus and waking up and moving the stone away. When you do it, it might really stink due to the death behind the stone, but God wants it all!!!

What is the stone in the way that needs to be moved so that God can bring back to life?

When things die, things come to life!
– Seeds
– Lazarus (People came to Christ because of his death)
– Christ (He died and brought us ETERNAL life)
PLEASE go watch tonight’s talk at the Passion 2010 Website…

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