Year in Review.

Today I am in Sipapu, NM Skiing on New Years Eve!!!!

Last year I was skiing in Keystone, CO on New Years Eve..

This past year 2009 was a fun and crazy year. I will call it the year of the relationship. I have learned so much about relationships of all kinds… Especially the relationship with God. I have grown this year, I have become more obedient to His voice. I have had to make some hard decisions, but as I look back on it they were decisions that have made me who I am right now, which is a good place. Were they correct, did I make people mad, did I loose friends, I don’t know and I really don’t care that much, but I do know that God is my leader and when I hear the voice of the Great Shepherd I must react in a way that is obedient to His voice. Because we truly have no idea what He has in store for us.

I had no idea that in 2009…
-Had no idea that Jeremy Nixon would have moved in with me last February.
-Had no idea that I would be speaking at Underground and really grow to love it.
-Had no idea that my grandpa would pass away.
-Had no idea that I would get into the best shape of my life.
-Had no idea that my whole office would get engaged in a year.
-Had no idea that an amazing friend would move.
-Had no idea that I would grow to love running.
-Had no idea that I would meet Louie Giglio
-Had no idea that God would take my hurts and turn them into fun times and great memories.
-Had no idea that I would be loved on by an amazing family all year long.
-Had no idea that I would read as many books as I did.
-Had no idea that God would use me to speak to tons of students at Fall Riot.
-Had no idea that I would fall in love with the staff of 210 like I have this past year.
-Had no idea I would get very sick at Beach Retreat, and God still did His thing.

– I could go on and on and on…
The fact is though that, God had the idea since the beginning. I just need to thank Him for all of it, and be prepared for what He has in store for 2010

I pray that I have impacted a life this year and are now in a stronger walk with God. Not impacted a life, like they liked a sermon and remember it, but God used me and that the person is now eternally changed. Not a little emotion, but forever!

At the end of every year I to do an inventory of my life as a Christian, not as a pastor but a believer in Christ. I challenge you to do the same. How have you impacted lives this year? Not from the stage, but through your life? What have you don’t that has made a impact on someones life, you may not know, but have you been planting seeds… If your in ministry, what have you done outside of your “job” to increase the kingdom in 2009.

I hope that this challenges you as you hopefully make goals this next year to impact your sphere of influence for Christ.

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