Best of Number 4

This is number 4 of the best of the blogs of 2009 that I have written

What if we rebelled and chose to be in a good mood. Even when everything around us stinks and our day is dark and glooomy. The normal everyday person immediately becomes a jerk when they get bad news or just have a bad day. They start to get mad while driving, you get around them and they are just steaming with anger. They text mad, answer the phone mad and at times treat their spouses and kids bad. As a Christian, why don’t we try to rebel and not act like a cranky pants all the time. I am in no way the right person to write this post. I am probably the most cranky person when my day goes wrong. I challenge you to try, when someone set you off just relax, when life gets hard try to pray and give it up to God. Let Him have it! Not someone else. He wants it, He wants to help, He wants to heal, He loves you and wants you to shine Him, and nothing else.

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