Best of Number 2

Every year at the VMA’s Kanye West has some sort of outburst… This year it was with the famous Taylor Swift… Then he gets blown up on Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, His Blog, and now Twitter. Was the outburst last night at the VMA’s planned? Do you really think that MTV would just allow someone to get on stage and do that, then have Taylor Swift ready in the back at the end of the show with her amazing speech planned? MTV is no dummy when it comes to drama, they know how to market it and how to get people to watch their shows, visit the website, buy the stuff and tune in to the VMA’s every year. In ministry we do this, we will plan surprises or “hooks” that get people to come back the next week to Bible Study or to whatever event it is. If you don’t you should, if not people get used to what you do every week, the same “ole” predictable service is never good. Why wouldn’t MTV do the same thing, not saying they did, BUT, the hype is always high and people are excited because they don’t know what crazy thing going to happen this year?”All I am saying is this, don’t always believe everything you see, and or hear. Today just sit back and listen to the conversations on Monday September 14th, its all about MTV and Kanye…

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