Primal Releases Today!

Primal – By Mark Batterson comes out today!

I can put quote after quote of the book Primal by Mark Batterson, but the fact is that you have to go and get this book. I don’t get anything when you do, I don’t get a percentage. What I do get is to see God working in your life through God working in Mark’s life. This book will remix how you look at life, not “the Christian life” just life. This is me yelling… GO GET IT!

Make Primal the first book you read of the new year. I promise if you are not changed and challenged by the reading of this book I will be shocked. Stop going through the motions of the Christian life and grow, be challenged! “Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.”

The Book Primal, has done in me exactly what Batterson wrote the book for. So that we would be brought back to the Primal reason I am where I am. It has helped to bring me back to why I do what I do, why I am passionate about lost people coming to Christ, why I am passionate about people living every moment for God, why I get frustrated with Christians not going all out. I am truly grateful and thankful I had the opportunity to review this book.

Below are some more quotes from the book, but I encourage you to go and get it. Don’t take my word for it, go and read it for yourself.

“This book is an invitation to be part of something that is bigger than you, more important than you, and longer lasting than you. Its an invitation to be part of the next reformation. Its an invitation to be part of a primal movement that traces its origins all the way back to ancient catacombs where are spiritual ancestors were martyred because they loved God more than they loved life.”

This is the last review on Primal by Mark Batterson. The final chapters continue to be on learning to love God with all your strength, “It means expending tremendous amounts of energy for kingdom causes. It means blood, sweat, and tears. It means servant hood and sacrifice. It means good old-fashioned hard work.”

“Some people spend their entire lives getting ready for what God wants them to do. They never end up doing it because they never come to the realization that they’ll never be ready…Not acting on a God idea is no less disobedient than breaking one of the Ten Commandments.”

Our love, work, day, actions, thoughts all should be turned into worship. When God gives us an idea we must act on it. Please stop being scared, fearing loss of friends, afraid of being looked down on, stop worrying about getting fired, and ACT! What if all of the people that God has given God ideas to didn’t act?

“Faith is not faith until it is acted upon. That is the litmus test. Faith without works is dead. So is love without energy.”
“Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.”
“Do you love God for what He can do for you? Or do you love Him for who He is? In its purest, most primal form, loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength is loving God for God. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.”

This is for the “Christian” that is trying and desires for their name to be KNOWN, I beg you to stop trying to be known and let BE – be known through you.

“You can put yourself on the throne of your life. You can try to get everyone to bow down and worship you. But you will run out of stuff to worship real quick and your universe will become smaller and smaller until the only ting that fits inside your tiny universe is you. But if you put God on the throune your universe will get larger and larger. It will expand chronologically into eternity. It will expand experientially into heaven.”

Be Challenged!
Go get this Book and make it the first book of the New Year!

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