Primal Review Day 4.

This is a continuation of my Review of the soon to be released Book Primal by Mark Batterson.
This chapter was the deepest the book has been, its focus is on the brain and the complexity of it.

“We stop creating the future and start repeating the past. And that is the day we stop living and start dying. Why? Because we stop learning.”
“When you stop learning you stop loving. Why? Because loving is learning more about the one you love. True love is never satisfied. It always wants to know more about the object of its affection. The more you love God, the more curious you become. When it comes to loving God with all your mind, curiosity is both the cause and the effect.”

Ok read that again! You never stop wanting to learn more about the one that you love. There are so many of us that have stopped wanting to know more about God. We have become adjusted to the knowledge that we already have instead of KNOWING the God that has always been.
Mark Batterson then talks about how he “read that the average college graduate reads two books per year.” That is huge, if you are only reading 2 books a year then you are stale. You have decided that you are either to busy or to smart, and people who think they are smart really aren’t that smart, read the book to see more on this very important discipline.
He then moves into thoughts on worship, he says “I think a lot of us worship God the way we lip sync words on a screen, its empty worship. We don’t really know why we are worshiping Him. If God interrupted our singing and asked us why we’re singing what we’re singing, we’d be speechless.”

This chapter has been my least favorite thus far. But still very deep and challenging. This is the point of the chapter.
“The less you know God, the less you love Him. And the more you know God, the more you love Him. Why? Because to know Him is to love Him. And if you don’t love Him, it’s because you don’t really know Him.”
Do you love God? What is your worship about, is it empty? Have you stopped learning? What do you do to know more about your first love, first love being God…

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