Primal Review Day 3

The title of the 5th Chapter of Mark Battesons new Book Primal is called Seventy Faces:
You will have to read the book to see exactly what that means, but this section of the book is focused Scripture.

“If I had to describe Scripture in a single word, it would be kaleidoscopic. You can read the same verse on different occasions and it will speak to you in totally different ways.”

This chapter of Primal, really challenged my thinking on the Word of God. The Bible is God’s main way to communicate and most Christians just try to live without it. People say all the time I can’t hear God,

“His primary channel of communication is Scripture. When we open the Bible, it’s like God opens His mouth. That’s how we get on His frequency. That’s how we tune in to His voice.”

Mark Batterson, talks about how certain opera singers couldn’t sing certain notes, the reasoning was,
“They discovered that the opera singers couldn’t sing a note they could not hear. The problem wasn’t singing, the problem was hearing.”
Many of us are out of tune with God, so out of tune all we have and can give is static. How many of us are just trying to sing a tune to a song that we have never heard. For so many of us the song we are singing is out of date, it is an old song that we have been singing for a long time. It is like we haven’t tuned into hear what God has in store for us with a new song. We are supposed to be a joyful noise to God and to others. That can not happen when we are not tuned into God, getting new songs and new Words.

So many times as a pastor I can get out of the beautiful habit of studying scripture for my growth, and find myself studying to help others grow as I prepare for a sermon. As Mark put in Primal,
“I was reading it for what God wanted to say through me instead of what God wanted to say to me. And my soul suffered because of it…”
“If you are relying on a preacher to be fed, I fear for you. I’d rather have people hear one word from the Lord than a thousand of my sermons. And that happens when you read the Word for yourself.”
Imaginative meditation – This is when we read the Scripture more as a participant than a spectator. This could totally change your reading and application of Scripture. Put yourself in the shoes of people in the Bible, what were they feeling, thinking, and seeing?
We approach it like a textbook, analysing the words with our logical left brains. But until it captures our right brain imagination we will be nothing more than half minded, half hearted, half souled Christians.”
What if every time we studied and learned something in the Bible we did it. Right there! Not waiting or forgetting but now! That is my challenge from this chapter in Primal-By Mark Batterson.

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