Primal Review Day 2.

In day two of Reviewing Primal by Mark Batterson these are some of the highlights of Chapter 4.

“Is it possible we’ve studied the God of logic without truly worshiping the God of Wonders?”

Mark Batterson points out that the 30 min that we get to have in heaven is very much a debated time in eternity. “I wonder if it’s nothing more than our primal reaction to His supernatural beauty.”

This really got me thinking that when we see Jesus face to face we will not know what to do, we will probably be silenced in His presence. This will be a huge moment, a huge moment of silence which is something we don’t do here on earth. Think about it, if we took just 30 min. a day and stood in silence, this is preparing us for the unbelievable silence that we will have in heaven. What if we stopped and just sat in silence and all we did was think GOD, not Thank, but THINK God…

Huge focus was on Thunderstorms and how we can see God in them, this quote honestly made me put the book down and reflect on truly when was the last time:

“When was the last time you cried or clapped for the Creator? When was the last time you gave Him a standing ovation? When was the last time you thanked God for a baby’s smile or a child’s laugh or a spouse’s touch? When was the last time you were so awed by the night sky or autumn leaves or snow capped mountains or ocean waves that you worshiped the Creator in wide-eyed wonder like a little child?

Mark talks about an island of people that are colorblind due to past traumatic events. I will let you read and learn about that, but they live on an amazingly beautiful island and can not see it in all of its beauty. It is right there and nothing they do can make them see the power of the beauty of the colors of the island. –

“There are miracles all around us all the time, but we lack the perceptual capacity to perceive them. We are in the presence of God, but we are unaware of it. We are surrounded by the glory of God but can’t see it..

Mark then starts discussing sleepwalking and points out the facts that we are in the same way sleepwalking through life.
“We are unaware of our spiritual condition until someone or something wakes us up.”

So Far Chapter 4 has been my favorite so far, more to come tomorrow… Get this book, make this the first book you read of the new year…

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