Don’t be this girl…

I go to starbucks on Friday mornings and every week, this “Christian” comes in holding Bible and walking awkwardly fast. She does a speed walk to her area of starbucks. Then when she gets there, there is usually someone in “her spot.” Every Friday she says uh hey would you mind getting up that is MY spot!” The people always look at her like uhh sure… Then they usually just leave, and immediately get on their phone, probably complaining about rude fast walking lady. That is the way it rolls every time. It irritates me every time, should I say something maybe (That’s another blog).

The funny thing is, is that most People who read this have done the same thing to people in the church. You walk in, speed walking and go to “your spot” or “your Bible study.” Not sure why it is “yours?” People who have never been to church are in there they are nervous and just sitting, you see them in your spot but don’t acknowledge them because you are like “uh that is MY or OUR spot.” you may not say that but your actions show it. Maybe people walk in your Bible study room and are not greeted. Please stop making the church like a country club. It is a place for lost people, no matter what. (Re-Read that last sentence) So get out of the way and let God work in your life and love them. Say hi, sit with them, be nice! Stop sitting and listening to the Word and start Doing it!!! Stop worrying about “Your Spot!”

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