Black Friday..

Every year the Friday after Thanksgiving millions of people get up super early and go shopping. Last night I drove by Best Buy and people were camping out before it opened. They were there 6 hours before the door opened in very cold temperatures. Now I understand wanting to save money on a laptop or a new flat screen. I don’t have a problem with idea of getting up early and doing this. These people are super dedicated to these sales. Many of you reading this were in that same boat of dedication last night, and I applaud you. But what if, we gave that sort of dedication to God, I know it sounds really spiritual, but really. What if we gave that sort of dedication to storing up treasures in heaven and not on earth. What if we were more dedicated to knowing God, than anything else. Is it bad to shop, NO! But it is bad when you study the ads the night before, make a huge shopping master plan then wake up early to put your plan into play and execute. Then the rest of the year give God your second best, thats bad. I challenge us all to be as dedicated to God as we are to the rest of the things this season brings. We can’t forget that His birth is the reason we have this holiday, lets balance our dedication.

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