Top 10 gifts of 2009

The Top 10 Christmas Gifts 2009!!! This best of the Best Christmas Gift List serves as a guide for shoppers this holiday season.

I know I am hard to shop for.. So here are some of the top ten in 2009, I will be happy to have any of them…

1. Nintendo Wii

2. Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens (Black)

3.Pleo Dinosaur – A Ugobe Life Form
With the Pleo A Ugobe Life Form, you can expand your family with a pet from prehistoric times. The Pleo is a one-week-old dinosaur that will quickly grow to become one of the most fun and exciting members of your family. This amazing robotic marvel not only moves organically, explores its environment on its own, and interacts with you, but it also expresses emotions based on its life experiences.

4. Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime
Get ready to rule the universe with this awesome OPTIMUS PRIME figure that features Advanced AUTOMORPH Technology! This TRANSFORMERS technology is designed to enhance vehicle-to-robot conversion with partially animated mechanical triggers that activate the final shift to battle mode. See armor slide to protect vital points! Flip down the Ion Blaster in robot mode to launch the projectile! And press the button in vehicle mode for electronic horn sounds and lights! For thousands of years, OPTIMUS….2 points

5. Hasbro Fur Real Friends Butterscotch Interactive Plush Pony
Every girl dreams of having her very own pony! With realistic animation, movement and sounds, this incredibly lifelike pony is a very special, once-in-a-lifetime friend. This adorable pony stands over three feet tall, and really comes alive as she moves.

6. Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters
Havoc Heli is the world’s smallest, most advanced radio-controlled helicopter %uFFFD capable of incredible maneuverability. Laser Battle Heli’s are armed with infrared beam weapons, so you can duel in a kind of exciting real-world 3D “video game” %uFFFD complete with authentic battle sounds and action! Laser Battle comes complete with two Havoc Helis (each with distinctive markings) and two wireless controllers/chargers (with radio channel selector). You have two-toggle, four-way directional con…

7. Fisher-Price PowerWheels Jeep Hurricane – Blue
Hard surfaces, grass, and rugged terrain are no match for the Jeep Hurricane! Kids can adventure through ruts, wet grass, gravel, mud, and more! Jeep’s ultimate terrain traction won’t get stuck where the others do. Riders can listen to cool tunes of their choice on a real FM radio, and explore new territory with a simulated navigational system. This cool Power Wheels ride-on features a battery charge indica…

8. Creative Zen Vision W 60 GB Widescreen Multimedia Player (Black)
Beneath the ZEN Vision W player’s classy magnesium surface is everything you’ve been looking for in a mobile entertainment device. Carry all your digital entertainment-15,000 songs, tens of thousands of photos and up to 240 hours of videos-wherever you roam. The patented ZEN interface couldn’t be easier to use. This premier MP3 player with a large 4.3in. color screen allows for excellent TV, movie and photo viewing in 16:9 format. ZE…

9. Fisher-Price T.M.X. Tickle Me Extreme Ernie
TMX Mini Ernie is an 11” plush that giggles and laughs as he kicks his legs. Simply press Ernie’s belly to see Ernie begin with laughter and ends by kicking around on the floor hysterical with laughter and humorous….

10. Zhu Zhu Pets Skateboard & U-Turn
Zhu Zhu Pets Skateboard & U-turn the must have accessory for your Go Go Hamster!! Zhu Zhu pets thrash and grind around the hamster skate park U-turn, then scurry across the floor on the Zhu Zhu skateboard all by themselves! Each go go hamster (sold separately) has its own unique personality and whimsical sounds! Loving Mode: Pet them, love them , hear them chatter, Explore Mode: Let them scoot, scamper bump n boogie across the floor or through their Hamster Habitat. Collect the whole Hamster-rif…


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