Passion has become a buzzword in the Christian world. It is a little annoying at times to hear it, but the truth is, is that our Passion is what can drive you. What are you passionate about? What is it that drives you to be you. When you are hanging out with people what do they say you are passionate about? Where is it that you are devoting your time to. It is obvious! You can tell. Maybe you are passionate about
Where do you spend your time, what do you talk about most? That shows where some of your passion lies. Maybe God has become at the bottom of you list and God says “Hey remember me? You used to be so passionate about me.”
I want to encourage you today, look at where you are spending your time, listen to what you talk about, where do you spend you time? Has your walk with God taken a back seat to your other “stuff?” If so get it in order, He wants to spend that time with you…

One thought on “Passion!

  1. This is awesome and so true! I know that lately I have been devoting too much of my time to my friends and school work. After getting so caught up in my everyday responsibilities, I forgot what is most important. One of my great Christian friends told me about a song by Sean McConnell. In the song, God is calling out to his children asking why they have forsaken him and He reminds us that he has a never ending love. This is what I want to be passionate about. God has more to offer than anything else in the world. This blog is a great reminder of that!


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