So many times we say that God is stretching us… If your going through a hard time, the spiritual people always say. “well God is just stretching you.” then you leave and you think “What does that mean?” I really believe that we are stretched so much in our Christian life. We go through so many up’s and downs. This is what we call “Being Stretched.” I was thinking about this on a run the other day and wanted to see why we need to stretch before a run… Here are the benefits of stretching before a work out.

Stretching offers many benefits
Helps prevents muscular aches, pains, and cramping.
Reduces the possibility of muscular soreness/fatigue over the next day(s)
Decreases the possibility of causing a muscular injury.
Increases the muscles efficiency/effectiveness of movement (improving your overall speed, stamina, and form)

Being stretched in your Christian life
Helps when hard times come to be able to push through the quitting points
Reduces the possibility of giving in to hard times and quitting.
Builds endurance in life.
Increases how long we can sustain hard times.

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