Sometimes in ministry we get the call about a tragedy. This is a call we don’t ever want, we sometimes even dread. I have found out that through tragedy, God uses these hard times to show who He is very clearly. People are looking for answers, looking for comfort, anything to hang onto. All we have to give is Him, and His love.

God wants us to do this, we need to truly stop what we have and love on those in the midst of the tragedy. These are the moments that they will never forget. These are the moments when Christ can shine through your life in amazing ways!

When I have gone through hard times, I will never forget the people that God put in my life that just sat and listened, prayed, and truly loved. As I write this I am still so thankful and blown away for all of them. It would’ve been a harder journey without them. I wanted to give up and there they were, saying I love you and I am here for you. It was God and God alone in their life that was at work. Praise God for those people. I urge you to be that to others! People need you, to be Christ to them in their time of pain.

Be encouraged! You are called to a higher calling, you are to go to those that are in need. God will give you the words to say, the actions to perform, or even the words not to say and just sit and listen. As you grow in your walk with God, you will be blown away by Him and what you are able to do through Him. Others will fall more in love with Him, because they saw Him through you.

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