I Heart Revolution Movie…

This Wednesday at 6:30 at theaters all across the world there is a one time event movie showing. It is called The I-Heart Revolution. Hillsong United was able to travel around the world and lead worship for thousands of people. What they saw, they decided to document. They saw that people were hurting and that people were not changing because of what happens at a concert. “What happens in these 4 walls is not changing what is happening out there.” They are trying to teach love, they have made a documentary of what they want to do, and are causing a huge movement. They want to be more than a band that leads incredible worship! They want to change the world, and a part of it starts this Wednesday night! Click Here for tickets.

I encourage you to go!
I encourage you to send your leaders, students, friends, whatever you can do to go.
I want you to GO!
Yes, if this means don’t go to church that night then don’t go.
I think everyone will be ok. Get creative find a way to go.
Be apart of this movement.

Hillsong United :: We’re All In This Together [Nov.4th] from Catalyst on Vimeo.

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