Planning Center Online.

Planning Center Online is in my opinion one of the best planning systems out there. We use this for our Sunday Mornings and Wednesday night services. Planning Center, is so easy to use! We have it set up so that we can email or text everyone that is involved in the service. My absolute favorite part of it is that it has an iPhone App. Which is so cool because I can click on this button on my phone and look at our services that are coming up. Or in the middle of the service if I don’t have the order in my hand I can reach for my phone and BOOM there it is. I can change, add, delete all kinds of stuff from it. Here is some of what it has:

-Stage Layouts
-Make Chord Charts and MP3’s
-Email and Facebook compatible
-Link Media to your plan
-Upload media in plan
-Track Volunteer involvement
-Change and reorder services

BUT, if you don’t plan out your services in advance then don’t waste your money on this program. It doesn’t help you prepare, it doesn’t help you stay ahead, it doesn’t help you come up with a way to do a service. It just helps you to organize your plan when YOU come up with it.

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